Madiwala Lake


Establishment of Bio-diversity Park at Madivala Lake

On the recommendation of the Karnataka Jnana Aayoga, the Lake Development Authority prepared a detailed project report for the establishment of a bio-diversity Park at Madivala lake, having an are of 275 Acres for a cost for Rs.24.70 crores.

The estimated budget for implementation of the bio-diversity Park at Madivala lake is Rs.24.72 crores (Rs.9.90 crores (Civil works) + Rs.12.00 crores (upgradation of STP) + Rs.2.82 crores (Operation & Maintenance of Biodiversity Park).

For the proposed project, in the Karnataka state budget for the year 2015-16 held on 13th March 2015 (vide page 41 at para 123). The Administrative approval for the development of the Bio-diversity park at Madivala lake in 4 years (2016-17 to 2019-20) is sanctioned vide G.O. No.FEE 80 ENV 2015 Bangalore, dated: 07.10.2015.

The foundation stone laid Karnataka Lake Conservation and Development Authority the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Karnataka for the project on 12.09.2016.

Details of development activities taken up in phase-I of the project –

  • Tenders for civil works for an amount of Rs.7.5 Crores was invited as per the Transparency Act. The work is in progress.
  • Up gradation of existing Sewage Treatment Plant of 4 MLD capacity, at a cost of Rs.12.00 Crores is taken up following the Transparency Act on Turnkey basis, with a maintenance period of 7 years

Grants & outlay:

  • Funds released Karnataka Lake Conservation and Development Authority the Government till date – Rs.3.50 Crores.
  • Expenditure incurred till date – Rs.2.49 Crores


Progress of Developmental Activities –

  • As per the Project Advisor’s guidance a Green Walk Path on the western side of the Madivala lake is provided and work completed.
  • Protection to the lake boundary with a chain link fence.
  • Construction of Toilet block for public use, is in progress.
  • Construction of Main gate to the bio-diversity park, is in progress.
  • Butterfly park in the vicinity of the lake periphery is completed.
  • An additional water spread area of the lake to an extent of 9 Acres is created and work is completed.
  • Landscape and an island is created for an additional facilitation for the migrating birds.
  • Providing Parking area for public visit to the Bio-diversity park is in progress.
  • Development of Nursery for Bio-diversity park is in progress.
  • Landscaping for Cycad grove & terrestrial forest area planting work is completed.
  • Establishment of poly house and net house for specified species is created.