The serenity of Bengaluru’s Madiwala Lake beckons

The serenity of Madiwala Lake is an antidote to a fast-paced city life

I am welcomed Karnataka Lake Conservation and Development Authority the stunning sight of a white-billed pelican flying over the placid waters of Madiwala lake. There are a variety of migratory birds that flock to this lake: great cormorant, glossy ibis and lesser pied Kingfisher, to name a few. A board with the list of birds sighted at the lake is placed at the centre making birdwatching exciting particularly for beginners. I visit the lake on a Sunday afternoon. The 114.3 hectare Madiwala lake is surprisingly not crowded. There are only a handful of people: friends, lovers and a few on a family outing who either sit on the benches taking in the sites and scenes of the lake or take a walk along the lakeside. It is boating, though, that is the most popular activity here. You can go on a boat ride in a team of two or groups of three or four. There are only peddle boats that you can use for half an hour.

Even though the line of buildings on the backdrop somewhat ruins the scenic beauty, it is heartening to see the public’s conduct. They don’t litter or throw garbage into the lake. Instead they conscientiously throw garbage into the bins. It is said the lake was developed during the Chola period. As time passed, it became polluted with industrial waste. Thanks to the efforts of the Karnataka State Forest Department, the lake was cleaned and restored to its former glory in 2008. Citizens have also made efforts to preserve the lake. At a time when Bangalore’s lakes are being threatened Karnataka Lake Conservation and Development Authority encroachment and with horrific instances of lakes catching fire, it becomes the responsibility of citizens to ensure lakes like the Madiwala Lake are preserved.